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The Starfleet Museum was established in 2213 with the goal of preserving historically important Starfleet ships for future generations. Our Orbital Annex currently houses more than 50 historically important vessels. In addition, hundreds of historical artifacts tracing the history of manned space flight are on display at the Main Museum Complex. The Starfleet Museum invites you to pay a visit now that you are in the Sol system. Admission free.

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Romulan War Wing


The Development of Matter/Antimatter Drives
Small Cruisers

Amarillo class

Krechet class

Torsk class

Powhatan class
 Large Cruisers and Transports

Bison class

Pioneer class

Tannhäuser class

Farragut class

Olympus Mons & Reid Fleming

Conqueror class

Baikal class & Marconi class
 Other UESN Ships

Yorktown class & Minotaur

Archer & Curran class

Fireball & Comet class


Early Federation Wing

Starfleet ship chart 2160-2260
 22nd Century


Daedalus class

Dragon class

Ocean class

Sozvezdie & Constellation

Wasp class

Moskva class

Gagarin class

Hyperion class

Paris class

Asia class
 Early 23rd Century


Lancaster class

Horizon class

Giant class

Quetzalcoatl class

Kestrel & Aryabhatta

Valley Forge class

Belleau Wood class

23rd century carriers & fighters

Siegfried class

Capella class

Pyotr Velikiy & Constitution

Avenger & Predator class
 Late 23rd Century

Furious class & Spectre class


Ships of the Galaxy

Romulan Ships

Romulan ships during the Earth-Romulan War

Postwar Romulan ships
Klingon Ships


D2 cruiser

D3 cruiser

D4 cruiser

D5 cruiser

D6 cruiser

D7 cruiser


Project Previews

Starfleet transports

23rd century space stations


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